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Our unique synced server backup solution.
Does this sound all to familiar?
Bob from accounts takes our Mac backup drive home on Fridays in his ruck sack but...he forgot this week or was too busy!
Introducing MacBackup+ Our unique synced server backup solution. just for Mac.
MacBackup+ offers real time Mac OSX file Replication and block level synchronisation to our secure UK Data centre.
What are the costs and can I purchase it right away?
There is a one off setup fee and then from just £100 per month, then If you wish pay monthly please call us.
How does it work, is it easy to set this up?    
We can sync your Xserve or any Mac to our servers giving you full secure access to your synced data 24/7 anywhere in the world. Heres how it works.
We arrive at your offices on a Friday evening and clone your server/s to our or your own external drives.
We deliver your drive to our secure UK Data centre and upload your data over the weekend.
We return to your offices on the Monday to re-sync your data and train you and within minutes you will be in control